PropRacer PR1-50 pack

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PropRacer (TM) PR1-50 pack

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This product would be a great hands-on addition for your next STEM program. 

PropRacers Wood blocks are 12" long. Design your own PropRacer! Students are furnished with all the parts necessary to design and build their own PropRacers™. The main body consists of a piece of balsawood 12" in length. A pre-routered slot indicates the position for the laser-cut plywood fin. All the wheels are made from hardwood. The kit comes complete with the pusher propeller assembly, rubber motor, axles, tubes and L-hook.

Technology version (PR-1): These PropRacers are designed for 5th grade and up. Tools such as a drill press and band saw or similar are required. Building instructions are included with each class pack.

Science Classroom Version (PR-2): These PropRacers are the same as for the technology classroom except that the body axle holes are pre-drilled. The student shapes the body with sandpaper to eliminate the use of tools.

Grades: 5-12
Assembly time: 4 hours

Assembly instructions will be emailed after ordering.