Mini Sonic - PropRacer PR-EL3-50 pack

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Mini Sonic EL3-50 pack

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This product would be a great hands-on addition for your next STEM program. Call the “AeroDoc" at 310-377-6105 for details on how to integrate this product with your existing curriculum.

Note: Cars shown painted.

The popular Mini Sonic is a fast pusher propeller racer. Top speeds of over 20 m.p.h. can easily be reached with the Mini Sonic. This racer can be run indoors or outdoors on virtually any surface.

The 12" long Mini Sonic is of stick-together design and can be assembled in a very short time. No glue or tools are required. Students can individualize their racers with felt tip pens. The kit contains a balsawood body, hardwood wheels, pusher propeller assembly, tail fin, rubber string, L-hook, all axles and tubes. Teacher assembly and curriculum integration instructions included. Racing ideas provided as well.

This racer can also be used as a coaster car by removing the rubber band power unit. The students then add a variety of weights to their racer for it to experience different levels of friction and rolling resistance. The car is run down a small ramp and the distance covered is measured each time for the different weights. The coaster car can also be used as a drag comparison device while attaching different diameter free-wheeling propellers to the coaster car and repeating the runs down an incline. Have students tape the propeller so it does not move and repeat the experiment! Your students will be surprised at the result!

Grades: K-12
Assembly time: 1 hour